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what's up everybody today we have an amazing method that's going to be paying you 500 just by typing names now we know that we've introduced the method like this before but this is completely different from the last one because with this strategy you're going to be earning 10 times more our method is 100 free and you're not going to be paying anything to get in you don't need to do any show money or free trial action it's just made completely free and available to everyone who wants to make money in the easiest way possible you're probably thinking that this method is so difficult so complicated but it is not not even in the slightest bit this method will literally make you question if you're even doing anything at all then you're going to earn your pay and everything will make sense again you definitely wouldn't want to miss out on today's method because you're definitely going to regret it if you do this is a great opportunity for everyone from all over the world and not taking this chance will not help you succeed in life so be sure to stick around and try this method out once you're done watching the whole video so you can get a dip and realize how great this method actually is it's free it's worldwide available and it is quick and those are our three favorite things to say and that's what money shock is all about this method can be done on your phones so you don't even need a laptop or a desktop computer just your phone and you're pretty much good to go also you're not even required to have any skills or experience whatsoever so this really is an amazing opportunity for all of our subscribers and we can't wait for you guys to learn all about it so make sure that you watch throughout this whole entire method from start to finish so that you won't get confused about today's method and make sure that you don't skip apart so you don't miss any important details because if you do miss important details then chances are you won't get your desired results before we get right into today's video if it is your first time in the channel welcome to the money shark channel in this channel we upload videos on how to make money online so you can try them out for yourself and start making your own money if you want to be a part of this channel don't forget to click the subscribe button down below to be a part of our making money online journey and hit the notification bell beside it to be the first to know whenever we upload a brand new video without further ado let's just get right into the video now to start the process we want you to go on and then this is what you should see now to really grasp squad helps concept you need to be able to understand what it is that this website does for us to get paid basically squad help is a platform that's going to pay you to think of the perfect names for up and coming businesses squad help is the world's number one naming platform now new businesses come on here to start a contest or view names for sale now we want you to go to naming contests and then select recent winners as you can see on here people are earning 100 200 300 and even 500 and all of these are just because of somebody typing and submitting these names in and you can join in on this too so look at all these names they're so basic but priced at such a high cost workforce which literally is so easy to think of no way formula and you can even do graphic designs on here if that's your area as well because they're also looking for people who can create logos and stuff like that so there's more than one way to earn on here now why exactly squad help so it's the largest naming community their unique approach allows you to receive an unmatched breadth of business names ideas from the world's largest community of naming experts with two hundred thousand plus creatives and fifteen thousand plus successful naming projects squad help is by far the largest naming platform across the globe it's high quality and collaboration using an advanced quality scoring algorithm and machine learning we ensure that you receive more ideas from their top quality creatives and gamification best practices ensure two-way communication throughout your contest and their agency level features squad ups high-end audience testing your service allows you to pull your target demographics to get unbiased feedbacks on your favorite names also receive trademark support from our team of licensed trademark attorneys so you can pick your name with confidence they have over 25 000 customers you can do names taglines and slogans and even logo designs as we mentioned earlier here are some ratings and testimonies that will obviously assure all of us that including our subscribers that this platform is legit and it's the best opportunity at hand we've always been about getting to know our subscribers and having a good relationship with you guys so to our newcomers we'd love to know where you're from and what you do and what you like best about money sharks so leave a comment down below letting us know now let's continue now there are ways to maximize your chances on here and that's what we're going to be jumping into in a sec but before that we want you to sign up on this website so that you guys can see the inside of your dashboard since that's what we're going to need to get started go on account on the upper right of your screen and click sign up as soon as you click on sign up you're going to be brought to this page right here so provide the sign up details being asked your first name last name display name which is your username of course email address and your password twice then you're going to have to choose between joining as a buyer or joining as a creative or marketplace seller and you're obviously going to choose a second choice since we're trying to earn and then once that's complete you can click on create account and then once you've clicked on that you can then right away set up your account so your address and other personal information and then you're going to choose the reason why you want to go on this website and obviously don't choose the one with the sign up fee because we aren't trying that but choose the last choice which is to sell domains which is free and the logos try that out too but if you need to send a portfolio first so if you want to apply uh someone to create logos you need to send your portfolio first they give all the details so if you're into that then go ahead and follow that follow the process choose that and do what it requires of you now obviously you can do the one with the sign up fee but that's entirely your choice we're telling you that there is an option to do the free one it's just less benefits than the one with the fee of course that's why there's a fee in the first place but that's completely up to you if you don't have the money then don't do it if you do have the money then i highly suggest that you try it out now if you're enjoying this video so far don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe if you haven't yet and hit the notification bell decided to be notified every time we upload a brand new video now let's continue now you're in your account and what we actually want you to do so that you can participate in these contests is that we  contests and then select active contests right away you will see all of the contests and then select active contest and right away you'll see all of the contests that are ongoing and the best thing about this is that you can join in on all because the more participation you have the more chances of winning you get now let's click on this one as an example they're looking for a catchy name for a coffee pod startup and they're willing to pay you 135 dollars and to know more details let's go ahead and click on that as soon as you click on that it gives you all of the information that you need to know now focus on the details that contribute greatly to your concept for the name that you will be creating for example focus on what the business is about that's provided the type of business provided again the max number of letters words the preferred style and type of name and what words they'd like to incorporate with the name of the shop so those are some of the details that you need to focus on when trying to create the perfect name that's going to get chosen but since this listing is basically giving us complete freedom to do what we want how we want just make sure it's something fresh and young something that really draws attention something catchy as what they've said something like that basically and that's really all there is to it then just submit it wait and then earn there really isn't much to it as long as you put your heart and your mind into wanting a better life this is a high paying website it's an opportunity that you cannot and will not want to miss so make sure that you do try this definitely out and that is it for today's video if you haven't already make sure that you leave a like down below to show your love and support for this video also smash that subscribe button down below to subscribe to the channel if you haven't done that either and make sure to click the notification bell decided to be the first to know when we put out a new video on how to make more money online through different methods thank you so much for watching we hope you enjoyed it and we will see you in the next one                          

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