hello everyone so i just figured out like the the pay app is discontinuing operations on december 30th 2021 please destroy your bitcoin prior to that date and withdrawn bitcoin will be cashed out to the payment method attached to your account after that time combine has been disabled but sales and bistros remain operational you can reach out to support you pay dot me these questions so then if i want to withdraw like seems that button doesn't work [Music] and then if i tap withdraw nothing happens so i don't know like what's the issues here if i tap on top right uh pin settings then i can just contact support and then then yeah misintersection cash out issue terminate account so i can just do that and then um yeah just enter email and then just withdraw funds something like that by email address cash out issue cash out method i'm unable and then gives carto bitcoin gift card to paypal then you just enter paypal email by gift card email type of gift card anyways and then just tap submit so if you can't withdraw your bitcoin or like like that at least you can get it to the paypal otherwise yeah you can try bitcoin and try to include your bitcoin address maybe that helps but that's what i would do hope that is helpful thank you for watching

How to Withdraw and payment setting...
How to Withdraw and payment settings
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