Pepsi SuperBowl HalfTime Show app - how to use

hey there so here is pepsi super bowl half time halftime show app so you can just download it um on yeah on your iphone and this app just runs through the charts uh you can see just 900 ratings or so and it's 4.8 out of 5 average rating pepsi super bowl time show 5 star experience so you can just discover win unlock all of that uh so you can tune it tonight during the pepsi super bowl halftime shout out towards the show live is just pepsi super bowl ultra pass with 360 degree cameras for the performance um this car exclusive content you can win some giveaways unlock footage to see part of history um yeah so that's the app like just for your information you of course you can watch the whole show right now on youtube so is no need in app but you can also see how the show was made you can rewatch the full show you can see the hidden cameras mr cartoon custom cans the species the special uh edition cans were inspired but giveaway closed uh so climb mr cartoon custom console that's already closed so you're able to use this app during the super bowl and if you just enable notifications you'd be able to get all this exclusive content and giveaways and all of that i think that this app will be still available of course for the next super bowl or something like that so you can for sure have this app and you know just uh either keep it for the next super bowl or just know that there is this opportunity to have notifications enabled and like get some of these gear eyes might be for the next year they will have like nfts or some digital assets um where yeah you can use them and uh yeah so that's the idea and yeah so that's basically you can filter the interest some a lot of content you can turn on notifications and basically some of these uh drops which can happen in this app might be next year or next period might be then you can resolve them for much higher price or something like that um well anyways if you're just fan of uh like super bowl just get this app this is how it looks like you can just browse around and see all the details and it says there is more to come come back tomorrow for drop if you want don't want to miss epic new prizes will be released throughout the week turn on your push notification notifications to find out when [Music] okay maybe it was just announced on the on the january back in january uh but then as you can see there were more more and more drops so maybe there will be more drops to just enable push notifications here and then we'll see how it goes so anyways that's uh that's the app that's the overview pepsi half time super bowl halftime show app you can see that the reviews are pretty positive um i love the news feed excited for halftime show great app getting hyped so excited and quite so so excited good stuff so gearwise aren't working after personal i keep getting errors to join the gy [Music] so so basically the main advantage for the app that you can watch the show live from this app is 360 degree cameras which is the stash for its front and center view of the performance [Music] so there you have it so that's the app um hope i hope you enjoyed it and thank you for watching the video

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