Pepsi SuperBowl HalfTime Show APP OVERVIEW

so to install pepsi super bowl half time show app just tap get in the app store of course this app was through the charts during super bowl um so you can just go to the app store and try to install it and then it just might take some time for it so yep something like that and then if you just go to the app store oops for some reason it just doesn't want to change so okay so i'll just for a lot maybe is the issue is my internet or maybe um it's just i don't know a lot of people downloaded this app um anyway so for some reason i can't actually install it i don't know what's the issue here but just seems i can also access the app store so finally i i'm able to install it so yeah now and now it should start downloading and then if i just want to search for that so here it is so there you have it like 45 megabytes five star experience and then you can just tune in and then you can just dis basically see all the events here um you can watch show live video pups usual ball ultra pass with 360 degree cameras of the performance you can just win giveaways and chance to be at the show unlock footage to see a part of history so probably you will also be able to see all this uh on demand um so yep there you have it i just installed it so this app is only has like 896 ratings um so here you can just see how the halftime show was made to watch the full half time show the hidden cameras watch now uh all of that i'm not sure if this app is available in united states only or around the world and all of that and you can just also see all the behind the scenes all the details uh also enable some notifications to see the drops uh the hidden cameras mister so [Music] so yeah something like that so that's the app basically but yeah hope uh yeah you can still download it and use it even after super bowl maybe this will be the app for the next one so yeah and of course you can just rewatch the show here

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