hello everyone so here is the phantom wallet uh which can be used for some like solana based exchanges or solana based apps instead of matamask so let's just install um it's on chrome so you can start on chrome drive firefox or edge uh and then yeah you just will be redirected to chrome web store and let's see how that works i hope you can just install some kind of extension here um or it's like the whole like web store app um yeah because there is extensions and there are apps let's just see how that might work so here it is i will just say it's extension and i will just add it to chrome so there are two million plus users and then add phantom read and all change data on our websites and then i just tap add extension then that's basically it and after a while it should just add it so you'll see this download here in the bottom left and then it just says adding to chrome you shouldn't like touch anything obviously you should be logged in here in the top right part then it just says checking also you still should wait and then finally you will see phantom has been added to chrome use this extension by clicking on the icon so similar as you have mata mask you can you now also have a phantom and there are also other extensions which are called solid so here is also uh you need to give access access requested so to give access to the phantom wallet you just need to click it and it here it still says fountain beta and then you can just tap here to create a new wallet so let's just do that together so then i just basically created an account it's a standard process so you just you'll be presented with a secret recovery phrase you use like a 12 word phrase then you can also create that password just like with a regular web two apps and then that's basically it after that you will have your phantom wallet uh here so yeah something like that and then it will just slot similar to to your metamask wallet as you can see here there's wallet one wallet two you can add more wallets and then you can just deposit sand [Music] so yep that's the idea you can see your collectibles on solana i guess yeah and then you just can see your settings and all of that so hope that is helpful

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