Photos disappear in Locket Widget - what to do?

so in look at widget app there is this bug when the photos are basically disappeared in the home widget so basically yeah when you install the widget um [Music] like this you just tap and hold and you then you just search for the locket widget and then something like this you just install it um [Music] and yep now um some photos just disappear um and yeah it says however the pictures will randomly disappear and since there is no pictures if i keep going in and out the app or after a few hours it will appear again then this person writes an update the newly released update fix the issue thank you so the the solution to that is just update the app just go to the app store and yep then you can just open and i would like update the app so that's basically it um so that should fix uh fix the the problem because i think this app is constantly being updated over a few bucks but the idea is really amazing so just keep updating the app and it should fix this problem of disappearing photos

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