hello everyone so locate widget app is not available on android and google play store so what is the alternative uh so try out this app picture so basically the idea is the same as with locate widget app where you can add these widgets to your home screen and then yeah exactly like rocket widget you can just tap to share peak pictures and then these pictures will appear on the device so you can keep in touch with those far away share pictures of beautiful mode and see what your friends and family are up to at a glance take pictures of your day and send it directly to the friends home screen set up groups with your friends and share your latest meal or a nice view ultra secure no no images are saved and no accounts just share your code with your friends and send images to their home screen so that's basically the idea i hope or hope you like it yeah so yeah i don't know one locket widget app will be available on uh [Music] on android because there are a lot of fake apps here but you need to search for the developer locket labs because this app just went viral and people just start putting like rocket widget icons on the on the google play store but this is not that original app hope that was helpful

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