PicSolve app what is it? How to use

hey everyone so here's the interesting app which is called pixolve scan so it got in the top charts in education category in us and yeah it's one of those apps where uh yeah you can solve some um questions if you're you know if you're studying if you're at school in college uh sometimes it's like super convenient just to just to solve questions like that and then yeah you can just solve the question so I don't know like we can try some math question like uh for example I just want to scan stuff like that and then it's just kind of an analyzing and then uh here is it says I'm processing the question so the question is this okay so actually this this app doesn't support subjects involving um foreign Mass so it's like pretty cool because there are a lot of bunch of apps which are actually just supporting about that so I don't know like uh I don't know I can just write some okay so I was trying to write like Treaty of Paris or something like that but it's just so yes something like that so it's pretty cool app actually as you can see to to fill out all this uh uh history questions like geography questions and so on and then you can just edit it uh yeah it's pretty cool app I don't know maybe if it's using the open AI chat GPT or something like that but yeah there are a lot of apps to solve mass that I told like air mass uh app ghost mask or something like that um yeah and then yeah you just have this app which focuses on some wearable questions around history and around all of that so here you can add manual input you can also load photos then there is like a user guide you can just use landscape mode and then you can see your history uh enable lightning and then he has there is a pro version if you want to skip the line in detail at explanations if you want to have access to that a longer and more detailed answers to your questions and then yeah you have either one month 9.99 up front um yeah or one year 82.99 like 83 dollars per year so yeah and then you can just do that there is no free trial but yeah you can try this app it's pretty cool it can't help you a lot with the homework or just you know with studying so instead of you know like going to Google and doing your research it's just a bit longer and here you can just easily scan it so in like if you know you have like a question in the book and stuff like that like you need to retype that question I know it sounds too lazy but like you need to go and just do research here you just easily super quickly scan with your phone instantly have an answer other than that you would need like to scan with the phone either type it yourself or just scan and then search for this specific scan in the Google so this is just easier to do so I hope you enjoyed this app try it out

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