PitPat chat - app overview

so here is the chat app which is called bitpad so let's just try to install it and see how it works it starts to climb in the top chart in the us app store bit bad fun to chat with give stickers drawings and more feedback is a fun new way to chat with your friends and family it bet is recycling your messages as a fully free form canvas place your tags or images anywhere in any way you like add captions stickers gifs or draw directly on the screen send your messages you need using any font or color a bitpad lets you be more creative together make colleges play games and discover clever ways to interact bitpad has no address and does not share your data so there you have it so now you can just open the app just installed it and let's just see how you can create your account yeah so you can create your account easily with apple id google facebook user id so just trying to create it with apple id and yeah then you can just give you can use it for free match um so yeah uh and then you can just try to have this you know video chat math so yeah and then you can just skip the chat you can go to discard tab go to nurby you can go to messages you can go to your account go to your settings and all of that so that's basically the app there are a bunch of apps like this some of them can be not that great but there you have it

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