Pixel Pals - widget & activity - how to use?

so here's the interesting app called pixel Pals widget and activity customized with skewed pads this is the app where you can add all this like a pixel files pads to your home screen widget also there is lock screen widget and that's it so you can add just like this cute animations to your home screen or to your lock screen and another cool feature about this app is that you can add transfer and background yeah and then yeah it will just look like you just have this little pixel pile on your home screen so just open it up download the app if you want to use lock screen we just make sure to upgrade to iOS 16. home screen images you can use from iOS 13. then you can upgrade here if you want to have access to all the animals but other than that you can just try it like this and yeah so here you can just see the pixel piles and then let's just try to add the widget so tap and hold and then just tap Plus and then let's just search and you have pixel piles available so then uh yeah just add it like this and then you have pixel pal jumping around your home screen also you can add it in the lock screen so yeah that's kind of like a fun little widget here which you can add uh yeah so that's basically the idea then you can just edit widget you can change pixel file here you can select info background you can select background you can select default transparent uh all of that you can select action type so you can change run work sleep Crouch lie down so if you want to to have your pixel pile like lie down and just have it like this so it's like super cute right and also then you can just add a transparent background and it will add even more Magic uh you can change the background or include like the photo of uh yeah change the yeah some uh photo custom photo some different color and yeah so you can also I don't know what's like project pages up so that's like a just a bigger pixel pile so it's something like it um so try that as well so yeah that's basically the idea you can use it on the lock screen or you can use it on the home screen so then you can also set uh weather location so you can just try that let's see if that's working um and then yeah you can also add like I guess some other backgrounds but this is like really cute right so info background maybe you can also add like the weather here so yes that's the idea hope that is helpful um thank you for watching and yeah that's about that

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