pixiv app - how to create an account?

here is pixiv app uh it's it's growing in popularity in the app store this is the official pixel app makes it easier to search and view illustration manga novels search registration that are submitted every day and gives illustration that interest in high resolution there are uh various manga that aren't anywhere except pixiv so check that out so yeah it's just easy to install it on your device so you see 4000 ratings here in the app that's basically how it works um over 50 million illustrations this is the official ios app of the illustration communication service pixel so you can install it you can find out what's popular with users by gender you can see new works you can search and then there is premium app you can search by popularity hide ads browsing history and that's 5.99 per month so let's just open the app to just see how it looks like so here's the app and then you can create an account here and then you just need to sign in from the website you can also just try to create an account here with apple then just try to create an account or with some other provider and let's see how it works takes a while and then you can just create an account so that's that now you have created an account in in your app and now you can access stories then there is your page you can become a pc premium so yeah that's basically an overview if you like manga and all of that definitely check it out this app it's it's growing charts [Music] and here it is so that's how it looks like of course there are ads and all of that but there you have it

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