pixiv app - OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE?

so here's pixiv app um uh let's do a quick overview so this app has over 40 million of users already and this is basically the app for anime lovers which has illustrations manga and knowledge everything in one app you can just search for illustrations we just submit it every day there is a huge collection of manga of novels uh 50 million plus illustrations this is the official ios app of the illustration service pixel and yeah you can discover new artwork wherever you are it picks you where it's fundraising to be the premier community for sharing and discover a new artwork from anime manga to fine art our broad community future shares a wide variety of artwork then there is also pixel premium which you can try out pixy premium is the service which gives you access to the search hiding ads browsing history muting and all of that so let's just take a glimpse in the app how it looks like so basically it looks like a website so here is the home image you can see a lot of different manga and illustration manga novels uh yeah a lot of them are not in english [Music] so yeah that's that so it's not in english so if you understand the land page there you had also there is like explore discovery feed there is a new tab where you can see all of that there are notifications there is my page your profile your history and then you can also submit work like either illustration manga novel so you can just go to you know your photos and try to submit from there so you can then manage your works here's your collections there's browsing history bookmarks you can purchase points so these are the prices which you can purchase them for then that there is your profile so yeah that's basically it uh you can always become a pixie premium member here by tapping here register of pixie premium search by popularity height ads browsing history mute function 45.99 per year a one month plan 4.99 so that's basically it um [Music] and yeah so that's the idea so it's basically like a marketplace for illustration and manga because you can submit your own work your own work can be outputted liked and it can appear higher in search results so you can kind of become a com like an influencer on this app i don't know if you can monetize yourself but it's for sure interesting concept and this app is in the kind of stranded in charts in the us app store but yeah just current mind a lot of these comics are still not in english so that's that

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