Planet Fitness app DOESN'T WORK - what you can do?

so here is planet fitness app uh so sometimes this app is working okay but sometimes it's just a bit buggy so crowd tracker doesn't work doesn't work for some people it won't load you can't check in uh no longer works it was it will take up to five minutes or more that if it doesn't time out to bring up the main screen it will be another five minutes to get the check check-in screen to appear nobody wants to wait that long to check in so this app could be so much more uh can't uh you can't add barcode some users the app signed up for black card and then the app is using all of the data app won't even open i sign up for a membership for the browser because the app won't even open i'm yet i'm supposed to use the app to check in this is basically useless and yeah this is as you can see the common issue that you you can't check in with the app it's buggy uh we are working around the clock to get our app running smoothly for you and all our members so this is a response from the developer team if possible you can report this issue by go and help in the sidebar and tap an app technical support you are more than welcome to check in with your phone number driver's license or however your home club allows so for the technical app support you can go in the sidebar then go to help and here's the app technical support they are talking about and here you can submit your issue you can always just tap and swipe up to restart the app you can check your wi-fi's 3g connection you can restart your phone but of course it's like super annoying if you just want to go to fitness club and you need to do all these like technical support issues yes overall there are like quite a few bugs in the app so if you found the way how to overcome this please leave some comments below because this is just some general advice i can give at this moment maybe they will issue some major app update in future

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