in this video let's just go through the full overview of planet business workouts app workouts for everyone this app is constantly in the top charts um so as you can see number one app in health and fitness so um [Music] yep and there are recently some some updates where you can register for high school summer pass so anyways this is the app kind of like a gym in your pocket uh there is a network of uh clubs uh planet fitness clubs where you can register with this app and add your gym in the app i will show you how to do it and then uh yeah and then you can also upgrade through the app and then you can check out all awesome features like uh like premium workout content in the app uh live streams hundreds of exercises which you can do at home or in club equipment tutorials progress tracking in and out of the gym and all of that and then like if you join one of their clubs uh there is like crowd meter so you can see exactly when there are a lot of people in the club or less people then uh you can always check out some new workouts and some new uh fitness content some new exclusive trainers from beginner to advanced there is a workout for everyone there are and then there is like a parks so exclusive club of parks platinum fitness partnerships that include in your membership uh daily live stream and premium workout content with planning fitness trainers and exclusive if you trainers then there are like equipment tutorials workout tracking so you can track your activity and watch those meanest and good vibes add up so basically also there is like digital key tags so you can use this app to check in in the clubs and all of this is connected to apple health app as well so this is basically a very like high level overview so let's just open the app here and this is how it looks like so you just create your account and then you add your personal information you add uh yeah your photos your details so here is your account you can then set up what's your personal target and then just update that then you can select what's your fitness level and then you can get some personalized suggestions so all of this information you add up when you create an account so you can get more personalized trainings like hate and weight activity history and all of that so then your club you can find a club so you can search by uh like you know somewhere here so you can find specific planet fitness clubs like fitness clubs you can see crowd meter so that's what they explained in the in the app description you can see club hours uh and then you can see some amenities like you can see that you can access this with this app free wi-fi there is like bringing gas anytime you use a hydro message use of tanning and then there are like perks just for yeah for specific specific items um [Music] so here's for example you can see that you can see all the clubs and then if you want to you can link your gym membership here so basically you need to go to the your local club and sign up for g membership old school y as you have done in probably a lot of times uh like yeah in the past but you just create your gym membership and then you can add it in the app you can just scan your key tag there or you can enter key tag code manually and then just add it to your barcode version and the puzzle code so that's how you can link your gym membership you can also just join now like if you're a club member and then you just can link your link membership again here if you're not a club member yep yet uh you just can't decide uh uh like where you want to join the club and then you can just uh join the club from here okay probably not the best location uh so for example here and then and then i can just apply and sign up for the club from here unlimited access to your home club all the perks or just depends so you can see the details and basically upgrade to here unlimited access to home club pf mobile every fitness training free wi-fi but this is just like a very classic subscription very low end so you can't bring your guests you can't use hydro massage you can't use standing and you can't get all of these perks um and then there is like startup fee and then there is annual fee and that's basically what it is so that's how you can start a membership uh here in the app you can see directions you can enter promo code maybe you have a promo code and it can actually help you out yeah so here you can also use planet fitness digital membership so you can just do that uh and from your home you can follow all the workouts uh which up here in the app or you can just do both and it just depends uh on that so yeah you can also just skip for now there is like a virtual tour of the app you can use you can track your activities you can add like all these track fitness activities and you can try it out you can also see all the parks available for the for the pf plus membership you can see all the workouts so that's like pretty cool you can see all the spiritual workouts basically like a youtube for gym workouts which you can access in the app some of them are free some of them require a membership then there is a black card black card gas is an exclusive feature for black card members so that's what uh you can do uh [Music] yeah what else and then you can just refer people here so referral friends exclusive feature for our club members don't worry you can access uh when when you join uh like yeah the subscription so yeah that's basically that's the idea of the app uh if you have any other questions you can always reach out to app technical support depending where you're using the app either on iphone or android there is a request type for example if you want to delete your account you can just try to do it here but if you want to cancel uh your subscription um like you can't want to attention cancel gym membership as far as i unders section it's not possible to do via app so you need to you need to go to your club and cancel the subscription there so that's just a bit annoying then there is like some virtual okay so this is just like an overview of the app so you can get some ideas some other help yeah so that's basically the app you can link on link also apple house like all your wearables like apple watch or some other smart watch devices and this is uh yeah in a nutshell this is how the app looks like of course like this app is popular because of the large network of this gym clubs and then you combine this it with a digital experience and then yeah it's kind of really fun so interesting app definitely give it a try check out planet fitness and then there are always some kinds of offers as for example this summer teens ages 14 19 can work out for free from may 16 to august 31 plus participants will be entered to win a 5 000 scholarship so that's also interesting um yeah so that's basically that uh let's just also go through some of the ratings there are quite a few writings but the average writing is not that far so the ability to add the exercise one engages in so there are some issues with adding an activity specific exercises [Music] and this app was here for a while and is getting more and more users and some people are quite disappointed the app doesn't allow to track some of the activities it's discouraging to look at the activity tracking uh the app no longer work if it doesn't time out it plots for another five screen so yeah some people are and complaining about like cancelling memberships this is like yes this is a bit annoying because you can't do it from the app you need to go to the gym location and then you need to go to the exact gym location where you started your membership so not just if you moved i don't know how it works [Music] so yep app needs refining [Music] app won't even open so there are a few few bugs uh here and there uh but anyhow this is the official effort for this uh gyms network so if you want to use them in full capacity this is there is no alternative yet so yep this is the app thank you for watching

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