Planet Fitness - you can’t cancel your membership within the app…

Planet Fitness - You Can’t Cancel Your Membership Within the App…

The pandemic has changed most people's lifestyles in many ways and has caused gym goers to avoid going to gyms for fear of getting infected, and this is where apps like Planet Fitness come in. With just a few clicks, you can start your fitness journey and have access to all of the gym's amenities. However, what happens if you suddenly decide to stop going to the gym or want to cancel your membership for whatever reason?

According to a recent video transcript by Tech Insider, canceling your Planet Fitness membership may not be as easy as you think, and the process may vary from club to club. The canceling process varies based on an individual's membership type and location of their home club. Although Planet Fitness has an app, canceling your membership cannot be done through the app.

Instead, the best route is to contact your home location and confirm the cancelation policy and then decide on the method most suitable for you. For most Planet Fitness locations, members can visit their home club in person to cancel their membership. Alternatively, they may opt to send written notification via mail to their home club requesting to cancel. It is important to be aware that some members may be eligible to cancel their membership online depending on their membership type and location of their home club.

Planet Fitness also has specific terms to take into consideration. To stop billing of your monthly membership fee on the 17th, for example, the club must receive written notice of cancelation by the 10th. Billing changes may take up to seven business days to take effect, so it is vital to take this into account when planning on canceling.

To sum it up, the process to cancel your Planet Fitness membership cannot be done within the app easily. It is best to contact your home location and check its cancelation policy to know which method suits you best. Remember to keep the terms in mind when planning to cancel to prevent your bank account from being charged unnecessary membership fees.

In conclusion, Planet Fitness is an excellent fitness app, but if you decide to cancel your membership, it is not as simple as pressing a button within the app. Be sure to take the necessary steps and follow the guidelines provided by Planet Fitness to avoid any inconvenience.

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