Plato: Games to play together - how to use? App overview

hey here is plato app which is quite popular so to install it on iphone just tap on on get or on the cloud icon if you used it before plato is the best chat app with group games built around having fun with friends no sign ups emails phone numbers are required so you can chat with your friends or make new friends while playing games at the same time you can connect freely you can meet people plato is all about connecting you with your friends and meeting new people uh just upload profile picture and get chatting so yeah as you can see it sounds not that like you know you can play like these very standard online games but just with your friends and in engaging chats and conversations and have more fun compared if you just playing playing by yourself so then yeah here's the account and as you can see it's quite helpful it's uh it's uh my account is detected and then [Music] so yep there you have it and then here here is the app overview you can add friends there are these basic games which you can play you can play with friend or you can just join uh just join existing pools if you want to play with the friends you can just add a friend by plato id or you can invite friends to play with so that's that and then here you have coins you can buy coins here is what you can do two thousand coins is 199 and fun uh in in the middle tap and the bottom we have all the games so that's basically how it looks like and then based on that there are also like specific like chat rooms if you want to discover them yeah and that's basically that uh that's how the app looks like then you have your account uh you can see the games you played so i play table soccer a few times uh here is uh you can change your plato id which is basically username register account so you can see the details you can delete your account also here easily in case you want to delete your data and that's basically that so just play games with with friends and have fun

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