Playhouse: Voice Chat & Match - how to create an account?

hello everyone so here is interesting app voice chat and match playhouse let's install it and see how it works how to create an account hangout voice chat make friends cam channel live voice chat meet and engage personalized feed whisper stay in touch play house make it easier to meet new friends and voice chat for games want to find like-minded people effortlessly uh so playhouse is the right place to help you sit out groups or see interests so there is a game channel there is a voice room there is personal channel there is whisper there is stay connect um so that's that that's the app so let's just open it up you need to accept that and then you just need to create an account snapchat apple facebook whatever you like so we can just use this one so then you just need to enter your birthday so that's basically it and i just created my account so super easy as you can see um that's my account there is some wallet play history settings then i can find some different voice rooms i can join some of them for example if i want to join something with roblox so something like that uh and then i can find like people players with who i can play and yeah can engage in chats whispers and all of that so yes that's how you create an account

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