Playhouse: Voice Chat & Match - HOW TO USE? FULL OVERVIEW

here's playhouse app uh voice chat and match uh it's interesting app to hang out have voice chat make friends join some uh interesting audio chat rooms and also find playmates basically people use who you want to play for example roblox or m1 us or any other games and just you know find some friends with who you can hang out in games or elsewhere so there are there are games channels usually these are like voice rooms personal channels uh great whisper message just to share your thoughts feelings or anything positive anonymously to the entire community discover real reactions hilarious comments and even aspirations for what you want to do stay connect enjoy the limited text photo and audio messages and yeah you can just follow that but let's just open it up to show you here is the home feed you can see all the different updates from different channels and here are all the live voice rooms so basically they are usually divided by games like roblox fortnite minecraft but there are also like some rooms dedicated to specific specific categories like music or just chill down so for example i want to join fortnite here i can also go through some of the ratings so there are only 170 ratings but there will be more 4.8 out of 5 average rating um chat was fun and super safe awesome good app good great really yes just yes this is the best i've ever used i have talked so many people i can't stock stop on other hand good app for friends but it's just too many little kids pretty cool i like it amazing yeah you just need to be aware that a lot of games like like people who are applying roblox users either teenagers or even kids so that's the audience so there you have it you can see some reviews uh yeah so that's basically the app definitely give it a try if you're interested in the in the games i listed before um you can always subscribe to an upgrade but anyways thank you for watching thank you for checking out uh subscribe to my youtube channel uh visit my website i often post a lot of content about different apps and games and software and interesting workflows and all of that so hope to see in the next videos

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