Plug - Shop Latest Tech - app overview

so here is interesting app black shop latest stack it's an interesting app actually black is your connection to the latest iphones and more so basically our mission is their mission is to take pre-owned devices and turn them into certified refurbished devices tap into the block family anytime anywhere and all in one spot the plug app so you can choose directly from inventory uh you can access customer cares you notification and updates uh all devices are fully tested for perfectly and are backed with one year warranty so that's basically the idea of the app that it offers refurbished refurbished stack pre-owned tag and you can save a lot of money obviously and there is free today shipping new deals updated daily live chat support yeah of course you can just go to amazon and you can filter out by refurbished devices but here you just have a separate app for that and you're just really focused around this kind of devices so let's just open it up so for example iphones uh iphone's iphone 13 series so you can see like that the price is actually lower uh you can have iphone 13 and then yeah you can have all of these latest devices here this is how it looks like you can sort so yeah you can see lower price uh 10 13 series then you can see iphone 12 series uh for like 500. 399 714 so it's like significantly cheaper actually then you can get like full blown devices like 512 gigabytes pro max pacific blue for just like thousand dollars it would be much more expensive on the on the apple side there's back to school section and then there is deal section daily deals you can see like macbook pro 2017 ipad sixth generation from 159 dollars macbook air ipad air so yeah this kind of stuff for example you need a new ipad or something like but you're not using ipad every day you're just watching some youtube videos on it once in a while once two times per week let's say like and you are not using it for anything else like why would you need to buy a new ipad of course you can just save money and you know just buy it here uh for like this available prices and it works perfectly it's fine uh everything and also it's more sustainable for environment if you if you will so instead of you know buying new and new devices you just buying this kind of reforberg devices and it's also it's fun so there you have it and then yeah you can contact support you can also sell your old tag here so you can just go and sell your all your tech fast and yep that's basically the idea here is your account as you can see i didn't even create an account to create an account you need just to enter first last name email password and then you can just sign in so hope this is helpful

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