PlusCupid - dating app overview

hello so here is Blue scoopid app and then here is how it looks like just for you to discover what this app is about so you can swipe left or right you can say hi if you want and then you can send private message and then but to do that you need to upgrade to close cook with VIP one month for 12.99 6 minus 41.90 and 59.99 and then you can view profile report blog so that's basically that then you can meet you need to enable location and then you will be able to meet people nerdy and then a moments then you can see chats you can see all your chats in one place you can enable notifications if you want and then there is your account where again you can upgrade to VIP you can edit your info if you want you can I guess you can delete account easily um you can add it yeah change your profile picture actually the process of creating an account here is very quick and straightforward so you yeah you just create your account just answer a few questions Add profile photo at your birth date some add email and password and there you have it so it's not the app where you know you need to answer like 20 questions about how like how do you like this or that habits in order to you have to get on the app and start using it yes so this is the app and then yeah if you want to reach out to some help and feedback you can also do that there are some preferences which you can check out here and that's basically that uh If you're receiving new chats you can uh see this red pattern red notification here so that's basically the idea of of the app and how it looks like so yep something around it try it out and see you in the next videos

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