Pocket AI app - quick tutorial

here's the app called pocket ai ai chat chatbot AI so let's just install it and see how it works there are a bunch of similar apps these days um yeah so uses charge GPT aips instead of GPT gpt3 apis and then just powered by the official API of open Ai and yet as I said there are a bunch of apps right now trying to use the GPT API because also open AI they don't have native iOS Android app I don't know for which reason and sometimes it's just much more convenient to use as an app for me like on a mobile like going to Google Chrome browser and going to Safari and using chat GPD like the experience is not the best to be honest it still feels much smoother in in the app and if the app is just using the same API like you know hello how can I assist you but honestly some of these apps will just offer you upgrade options and a lot of ads and all of that but if I just want to try you know just like a free version let's just see if there is a free version here so if you just wait a bit then yeah uh then there are notifications uh you can just write here and you can see yeah as well here there's like too too much ads how can I remove them or then yeah there is also a voice in the top right you can enable or disable so if you want it will be speaking you can change the speed here uh so then for example let's see that so yeah if of course if I want to disable add then I need to upgrade and to upgrade you have three day free trial then 50 dollars per year or 7.99 per week it's pretty expensive or 19.99 per month which is basically the price of charge GPD so yeah I would if I would spend twenty dollars per month I will just then just go for its charging PT Plus official and then you just have a faster access to all the newer models and all of that however they still don't have an app like so that's that's what it is but meanwhile this app continued to write a poem around about trees so yeah you can see it's pretty cool I'm still like pretty misplaces and then yeah here you have pocket AI keyboard Redman solve me an equation tell me a joke write me an essay write me a code menu premium here you can just see again that if you interpret sorry like it's quite hard to close this um so yeah that's what you have here and then you can just follow them on social and then again so yeah that's just a quick order you hope you got an idea in case you're looking for some alternatives for chat GPT as a mobile app try out one of these apps

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