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here is prokaryolive app uh which uh recently joined the us market now you can find it in us app store and it's in the top charts in social networking category so yep here it is uh and it is a rapidly growing live streaming platform with two million plus downloads you can watch real-time entertainment provided by different types of creators musicians food lovers comedians and other unique talents you can support your favorite broadcaster by chatting like and using items in the broadcast you can broadcast from anywhere participate in exciting online events earn diamonds safety on the platform is insured by the percussion monitoring team so yep basically that's that and let's just open the app and see how it looks like i think this app is original japanese maybe it's chinese because when you create your account you need to confirm your age and your country so like your date of birth rather to say and then you can't change it later and yeah so your country can only be us or japan i think um so that's about it so here you can see all these profiles which are like so clumsy [Music] and then you can just see all of these different broadcasts i really hope that this app is not like super scammy as some of the other video chat apps i hope that this app is really like more high quality so here you can just search for like specific people then you can just add them and just follow them there are like different hashtags uh there are like hashtag broadcasts there are different keywords which you can add there are all kinds of notifications um welcome to prakasha the app designed to make broadcasting and watching broadcasts easy then you just have all these accounts which you can follow then you see all these broadcasters yeah you can see number one broadcasters different uh yeah different stickers here daily weekly monthly then you can see your profile in top left your profile picture um then you can collect diamonds coins daily rank report monthly report uh like how high are you in the rankings for this day i guess you can see support points you can see all your analytics data like if you're a creator here and then there is something like family which i don't really know what that is so the good thing this app is not just like you know some random video chat app so family or fan groups made for the following purposes supporting a broadcaster making broadcast more exciting achieving broadcaster goals together the maximum number of members of a family can have is hundred by joining a family you will be able to see category rankings exclusive to family members additionally only family members can add hashtags during broadcast family creators can appoint assistants from members of the family to import an assistant culture family settings choose assistant so something like that so you can see them here then you have coins i just created an account and seems this app just gave me like 33 coins for that then there is something like freeze pass you can hold a total of 10 freeze passes of premium freeze passes as well as total two freeze spices so what are freeze passes uh freeze pass will prevent uranuc meter from changing for 24 hours during the end time period in which it was used there are two types of freeze passes regular freeze pass uh and extra freeze pass and you can just obtain them freeze passes will be distributed into users accounts upon their first login of the week additional to freeze passes will be distributed in the user's accounts upon their first login of the months so something like that of course you can just go and edit your profile here you can just click on settings added profile edit profile theme you can see linked accounts you can see all the purchase history so all of that is available that's interesting also let's just explore like how can you create uh your broadcast so you can just name your broadcast here uh you can select different mode you can tweet also you can create not just audio sorry not just video but also audio podcast which is fun and then yeah i don't know what this crown is okay so the crown is basically broadcast ratings which you can discover in the app uh yep and here so yep that's basically an overview and yep you also have stories available here in the top top left part so [Music] i can follow people i don't know what how i'm following them probably because when i just created an account there is some after follow feature and then i can see my followers people who follow me i can share my account i can invite friends so that's the idea of this app that's how it uh works yeah i think it's actually pretty cool pretty interesting so definitely give it a try uh there are all also all of these interesting banners you can just go to prakasha blog to learn the basics there is twitter instagram um there are all the different broadcasts i actually don't know like if you have this broadcast can you also restream on twitch or can you create a podcast by based on it or what are additional features and this app didn't really yet enter the like top 100 apps on social networking category but maybe it will make it soon because it was just released in us market and i also seen some uh like ads in app store to for this app so maybe it's just the beginning maybe it will really become big seems it's it's not that spammy there aren't like that much cam accounts but yeah to create an account i just sign off is my apple id usually in more high quality video broadcasting apps you also need to verify your account with you know some id and then you just have more quality of the people on the app but let's see how it evolves this is an app if you like this kind of apps definitely give it a try thank you for watching

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