Pococha Live - how to create account?

so here is interesting app which is called pog uh kocha live uh i think that's how it's pronounced uh so now this app is in united states and it's rapidly growing in in charge charts and social networking categories uh this is rapidly growing live streaming platform with 2 million plus downloads it's now in the us so you can just share a piece of your life and communicate with people all over the country watch real-time entertainment provided by musicians food lovers comedian and other unique talents support your favorite broadcasters broadcast from anywhere participate in exciting online events earn diamonds uh so then you can just uh explore some other reviews the ratings are 4.4 out of 200 of course i think they will just grow 24 7 entertainment be pioneer of the newest live streaming app participate in online events and all of that so let's just open the app um let's see how how it works so here are the options to create an account you cannot change your date of birth and country region once entered so and then country region yeah you can just do united states or china and then you can just confirm and then you can just create your account so that's the app i don't know if this app is japanese or chinese i'm going to know the whole story so that's uh then you just can create your username you can change your name later i don't know actually if it's username or it's just name and there you have it now now you created your profile so now you can just get these coins and then you can see your profile um you can see all the preferences you can see linked accounts so yep that's basically how you create an account hope it is helpful

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