Podcasting in Substack - guide

hey so here is sub stack so you need to go to substack dashboard obviously log into your account and then go to slash publish settings um so basically a settings of your dashboard and then in the bottom if you scroll down there are like podcast settings and then from here you can enable podcasting so record and send audio post your subscribers so let's see what they mean here so it's like sub stack for audio uh so yeah um so basically it can look something like this where you can record and this is just like a voice podcast uh like voice newsletter not sure how that works like if you just start listening to it switch to another tab or switch to another application if the sound is still playing but still looks amazing and yet to enable that you just enable podcasting here then the page will reload and yeah so it's not that you are importing your existing podcast to sub stack from spotify or apple podcast and then just transcribing that you creating your own podcast here by recording these audio clips uh so yeah um so then you can just add podcast art title description primary category and then um podcasts are says feed and then you can just submit that podcast to apple podcasts and more and then you can import an existing podcast rss feed and all of that uh and then you can redirect podcast urls so yeah and then when you create post then you can just create new episodes and then record episode audio or upload mp3 episode audio so for example if i try to record something here you can give access to my microphone and then hello so i'm recording my podcast episode in sub stack super fun and then it's just uploading audio and there you have it so that's like super cool and then you can just include that in your newsletter yeah fun part is that yeah it's super cool i think and super easy to use but i don't think it provides transcription so i think that would be another cool feature to have imagine when you just upload your episode and then automatically transcribes and you also have like a text version which can be good for your ceo or for the people other people find in your episodes so that's that a super cool feature so before it was only like some locked premium feature only available for like top publishers on substance but now it's available for everyone so why not to try it out

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