Poe app - Fast AI Chat - full overview

here's interesting app called POI fast AI chat so interestingly this app has been built by quora so you know it's popular q a website it's one of the Alternatives actually to um to chat GPD I'm not sure if this is built on the open AI API or anything maybe it's just like a separate app separate technology from quora but here you can just see different models uh yeah seems yeah of course it might be using chpd API but you can see different models or how it's called and then you can just chat here and then there is a chat there are some additional questions popping up uh you can see what other people are sharing and then you can follow other people here and then basically is there is your username you can just create your account easily here you can just add your name and then find your friends and then just uh yeah so that's the process so this app feels like just like an addition to to quora actually uh right uh program about so let's see how it works and uh yeah I can just do it and then I see these suggestions okay so you can see just here and then you can invite people you can invite people by um yeah like phone number then you can see the feed your feed then you can see your profile um similar to quora then you see your settings and then if you want you can delete your account uh yeah so that's basically how the app looks like you can always send feedback I didn't actually know that quora developed this app that is super interesting uh this bot is powered by anthropic so you can see different uh how does the Bots work the button paw apart by third party companies that use llms foreign policies such and charge GPT use chat GPT 3.5 turbo model and dragonfly you just text DaVinci 003 Claude is powered by anthropic use of quality subject to anthropics policy so there you have it uh uh so here you just have like two different uh like basically three different models from two different companies and yes like super interesting uh it's free app you don't need to upgrade anything so it can be just like one of the alternatives for chat GPD for you so if you're looking for you know chat GPD in on mobile app not in the browser you can give a try to this app here so does that uh hope this is helpful also here you can just add a post and then you can just post it so something like that uh so it's combination of social network and cheer GPD chat and all of that so yeah that's that's the idea hope this is helpful that's how the app looks like and definitely give it a try

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