Pokeraid - app overview

so what's procreate app arrayed from home so let's just install it tap on get use touch id to install user size 134 megabytes find and join worldwide remote pokemon go rights instantly bulk rate is the best platform to generate worldwide pokemon go rates more than one million remote rates have already been hosted around the world since the very beginning of the remote trade announcement welcome to the world of legendary and mega raids trainers host and join remote trades every hour of every day uh so yeah how to join this remote rate make sure that you have a remote rate pass find a rate around you and take a screenshot and yeah so interesting then you can just allow notification and basically this is how the app looks like you know you have friend yeah you have friendship and then let's just create an account um book rate book trade poke battle and poke made sam account for all apps uh you don't need your pokemon go password okay so let's just friendship code i don't know like which exact data you need here by this friendship code i i don't know like what that is so do you guys know like what what does it mean here to enter a valid friendship code just leave it in the comments below anyway so i think maybe you just more experience than you know it so just enter it here and tap register in the bottom right so something around that hope that can be helpful

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