Poppin - The Party Platform - app overview & how to use

first interesting app called Poppin the party platform it started to climb in the top charts in the App Store and yeah so let's just explore this app so you can see yeah it's basically party Discovery app where you can just create an account and discover which cool parties are around you uh yeah you can go to these parties invite guests all of that so let's just open it I created account you can create account either with your email and password Apple or Google and then here is your profile you can change it you can have your username uh you will see here if you're attending any parties or not and then you will see some parties which are happening here you can see this peak you can see popular you can see nearby and then basically you can just sign up and attend these events and just know what's happening and where so that's basically the idea you can tap on the plus icon and bottom right actually to create your own party and then create public or private visibility so for example you want to create a private party and attend only your specific friends like one can ask what's like you can do all of that like on a Facebook app you can create events on Facebook and invite your friends there probably but maybe if you are looking for specific niche of events if you're just looking for uh like just for parties that's the app to to check out uh one other thing is that as you can see there aren't that many people yet on this app and it's only in in United States so that's that's one thing don't expect to have a huge amount of users here if you're in Europe for example or Canada then you can give access to your location and see nearby parties then you can again filter out and see some free parties popular or this week or filter by distance you can update it and then you just search either by parties or users so you can go to some profile uh so yeah something like that yeah and then you have your profile you can go to settings you can delete your profile if you're not happy you could change profile picture uh uh so yeah actually this app is also helping you out to some like party organization and party payouts like where you can probably manage if people attending the party and you're charging some amount you can do it in this app so that also handy so yeah this is the app uh as you can see it's just born at UCLA University so interesting to see how it will develop and yeah thank you for watching

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