Possible solutions to LG IMS STOPPED WORKING

uh so here is some update on lg ims uh issue um so i'm just going through the community forum of t-mobile there are like so many frustrated users because of this annoying pop-up uh and it says some people right here that lg ms service is used on any supported lg devices it's showing this error however this only happens when the wi-fi is switched to the mobile network yes you can fix this error firstly remove any updated program from your device also removing the downloaded apps this should be done if you are downloading any recent apps then you can dial this number and then yeah just change the ip version and then if this doesn't work uh like the solution could be to factory reset your device so this is the the last step is pretty questionable a lot of people in this forum ask style that you should wait a bit before completely factory reset in your phone because you know you will lose all your settings and if you don't do it correctly maybe you can lose some data and all of that so maybe just wait with factory resetting and there is some other solution which people uh told in this forum that it actually worked um so you can try this one so go to settings app notification app infrastructure system and then storage for stop and clear data this has fixed the issue for for the stylus for phone and at least that should should take out the pop-up notice but you need to try these steps at least four attempts and then it should work so hope hope this can help you out

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