app - preview - Twitter alternative?

so what is a post news service so here you can sign up currently it's in the white list uh it's mid post a special platform for real people real news and civil civil conversations remember when social media was fun introduced to you big ideas and cool people and actually made you smarter post would be a civil space to debate ideas learned from expert journalists individual creators and each other converts freely and have some fun many of today's advice platform rely on capturing attention at any cost showing house in our society amplifies the extremes and mutants and moderates so what you can do on pause right pause the finalized share them broadly comment like share buy individual articles from different premium news providers with content um so yeah join the white list so that's basically that and then email name Twitter and then just Lincoln tell us about yourself um so that's that then you can just join so this website is considered one of possible alternatives to to the Twitter because it's kind of like a more like civil civil news focused on a social platform um so yeah in case you're exploring like Mastodon or you know other Twitter Alternatives try out also this one

Trump Social Media, Truth Social Pr...
Trump Social Media, Truth Social Preview
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