POST TO VIEW in BeReal app - what it means?

so in burial app what does it mean boss to view to you your friends be real share yours with them uh and then post like be real so basically it means that you didn't post your your picture today your burial picture and in this app to see your friends be reals you need to to post your burial first so that's how the app works that's the whole idea and the idea of the app is once per day at the specific time if you enable notifications you will know when you need to post your picture with front and rear camera so just to capture your moment to capture your real moment that's why the app is called like that like to capture what you are doing at this moment exactly and then your friends can see it you can share it with your you know colleagues everywhere and they can just see what you are doing so a lot of people liking this concept because it's it's a bit of like you know anti-instagram so it's not you're not sharing some fake luxury lifestyle just sharing your exact moment and sharing it with your friends but for some people it's too much and sometimes you can take a weird picture but you can always delete it after

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