POSTING TWO PICTURES in BeReal app - how does it work?

so for people who are new to burial how is it that this app takes two pictures so that's that's the whole idea of the app that it uses both front and back camera and you don't need to enable that somewhere in the settings it's i think it's by default so here's an example if i tap post uh light be real i don't have any other camera here seems i can just switch the camera but the front camera is already enabled so i just decided i can switch which front or back to use which front or back camera so something like this and then i can just take a photo so now i'm taking this photo and then you can see that my selfie is in the main camera in the top left you see the overall image um and then yeah i can just tap the send and it will appear with two images so i didn't need to like you know like take these pictures and take another picture and merge them or glue them together it's enabled by default maybe the like the view is not that suggestive because you only see one camera and you're figuring where's the second picture so it's just taken automatically no worries and then i just have this image here and then i that's basically it so you can just drag it and move it around and that's it hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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