so here is prank air horn clip app it's a it's quite fun app uh and it's it's a bit in in it's growing in charts and because it went viral on tick tock i think so you can turn your phone into a funny prank sounds tool this app gives you different prank sound categories air horn hair clipper fart sounds scary sounds laughing clapping so this is like the the perfect app you want to prank someone i'm just like very easy to use so you can just so you just tap and hold and then you have air horn and then there are ads so here you can see ads available then you can see doorbell car breaking so you can increase sound so this is how it looks like and then you can just favorite your top sounds and then you can see favorite sounds here in the top right so that's the idea and then you can see all these like funny prank sounds and then you can just have fun uh so that's the app it's available on iphone on ios and yeah that's basically how how it works so that's the idea yep hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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