app - how to create account?

hello everyone so here is the so let's just create an account and see how it works um so you can also sign up for uh for upgraded version three days free canceling times and 59.99 per year that's only five dollar per month welcome to prey what brings you uh here so you can just find the option how did you hear about us then you can just see that and then yep basically that's how you create your account you can see all of the different meditations different podcasts here which you can listen to you can pray here you can sleep there is some music there are some podcasts so this app don't consider is that this is just like you know for brands some super christianity app this app looks more like headspace that's where there are niches they just have all of these like you know uh features uh yeah so where it's like uh pretty interesting app and then you can select all these different categories and then also there is some like chat and there are some like uh yeah where you can show your activities and notifications and all of that so that's the idea hope that is how

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