- app preview

hello everyone so here's this so let's just try to install it it's in the top charts right now in the app store so uh yep this is a helpful app for playing sleep more stress less make prayer a priority but time bible here the bible reads audio books listen to podcasts some like uh quotes prayers to help you get relaxed uh so number one app according to fox news digital destination for face um so yeah that's that's the app and it has 80 000 plus rating 4.7 out of 5 average rating so it's pretty impressive app and then the size is like 99 megabytes so this app is not that large so that's that's the app um it just takes some time for me to download it i'll try to explain like how to create an account and i'll just try to just show you around this so here uh you can see all the ratings and all the reviews so for some reason it doesn't download yet so yep i i need to probably reinstall it but this app also has some sleep stories uh podcast versus everything and it is more like a meditation app i would say so it's not just like a brain it's not just bible it's more like you know like uh headspace or so in that category of the apps finally it's starting to download so you can see this app is downloading again so yep this app is downloading now sleep more stress my prayer a priority anyways okay i'll try to download this app and then i'll create another video

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