prequel app went in the top charts in the us app store you can see it's number two and photo and video category it's also like in top 10 apps overall why i think because there is a new major update cartoon effect check how would you look if you were a cartoon character a rich collection of ai effects variation that will make your peak looks illegally hot so are you ready to create the amazing selfie hour and start telling your cartoon stories let's go so basically if you want to turn yourself into a cartoon character uh if you if you've seen your friends doing that on twitter or like instagram tick tock so this one can be one of the cool apps to try it out of course there are other like ai selfie apps like face app yeah bunch of five swap i guess or some other apps but let's just go through this cartoon effect as you can see here there are all these ei effects uh and then here is you can just access it right from here so there are different cartoon plus effects and then you can just use these presets uh to generate this kind of cartoons so for example i want to use this preset and i think you can do it in the in the trial for free so let's just applaud my selfie so for example this is my selfie and let's just see as an example in this video how this might work so for example here and then i just tap effect in the top right sidebar and then i just have all these effects cartoon um yeah i just have the effects i'm there in ai section so i can then just tap cartoon it also has a new banner attached to this effect so something like that so you see this is how it might look um and then some of these cartoons are are more uh a premium so let's just create this so this is another one i don't see i don't think that one is a good one so and then if you want to get access to more of these effects and have like more advanced cartoon effects uh advanced editing tools for touch toolkit weekly updates that's five dollars per week and you can also have free trial three day free trial uh so there you have it so these are the effects here but yeah in case you're interested in cartoon effect that's how you can use it there are also a bunch of this other ai effect which you can try out so yeah that's about it hope hope this preview is helpful and thank you for watching

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