i'm just here going through the prequel app uh reviews and there are some the overall average writing is like very nice but there are some people arguing that there are some issues with unsubscribing so some people wanted to do three day trial as soon as i download this app i went to my subscription to cancel before getting charged the weekly uh i still go charge 4.99 a week after we come out to find out like other apps in the app stores this app uses the apple api to also login their website to create a subscription as well collecting your apple email ads really don't give out anyone due to security so while you add the apps through the app store you have also to go to their help button do a search for the unsubscribe which doesn't give you directly balanced where to go to do such and then you have to go to the company websites and login using the api to unsubscribe so actually if you just go through the normal routes for settings app you know just go to the apple settings app go to your subscription and cancel from there it's not enough you still need to go to prequel actual website to officially cancel the subscription or will still get charged on apple request a refund prequel shows as the free app so to requesting a refund is great out options due to this um so yeah this sounds like a pretty scammy approach as it's uh so we always send an email confirmation regarding the subscriptions that you sign up for via the website you might also cancel it by clicking the unsubscribe button in this email if you have missed the mile please contact us support prequel you you're really sorry for the whole situation so there you have it so yeah on overall if you didn't get it like even if you just sign subscribe to this app your app store normally this app also subscribes you via api on their website and creates a subscription on that website and then if you just want to cancel the subscription via you know iphone just run to settings and cancel the subscription for prequel app it still doesn't cancel the subscription on the website and then you will still be charged like what is that i hope that's already that's already solved but just double check for that uh just make sure that you can unsubscribe uh yeah just max go to the website and there are some other reviews like what am i getting double charge for a weekly subscription when i was trying to bypass and get to my stuff and they told me so yep so there are some issues with that um uh yup so there you have it so there are some subscriptions uh subscription issues for sure so just trying to play around with this anyways this is this is an overview hope um hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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