Prequel app laggy, bugs - what to do

so just going here through the reviews of prequel apple world that average writing is super high but there are some bugs so some person says i have been using prequel for some time now because i love the effects it provides i always use prequel to my static addicts of myself my friends uh but for some period pixel has been slowing down and crashing pretty badly for me i don't know if it's the same for other people but what happens is that i will import the video cropping and attempt to put an effect and boom there it is it slows and ruins the wipe of the video just don't know what's wrong with the app and then the overall issue is the filter once i click on the filter like for example vhs it will immediately slow down the filters just sort of crash i hope you guys can fix this soon our team is currently working on this issue and we expect to fix it very soon you can always contact support blah blah blah so there you have it and there are some other reviews apps not working when i wanted to export my video [Music] there also just be aware that in prequel app there are some issues with subscription when you subscribe basically through mobile it also creates a subscription on website so if you want to cancel a subscription you also need to do that through the website um um so yeah so there are some bugs so but i think this app is being updated constantly so just make sure to always install the latest version and of course you can reach out to the prequel app support and all of that so something like that

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