Procreate app quick preview. Try it!

so if you're looking for really cool and advanced drawing app for ipad i would really suggest you to take a look at procreate procreate 5.2 is just available now so that's the new update um i think it's only available on ipad so no iphone version as i understand um or maybe you have no or maybe yeah you still should have that uh but of course uh mostly you will use that on ipad uh so really advanced app you can make amazing art here um complete art studio just on your fingertips um yeah you can create amazing uh like art this is with the app but let's let's just see uh what's okay so if i want to buy it i'm still redirected to to iphone so so it's only available okay so it's only available on ipad and requires ipad os 14.4 or later so nope it's not available on iphone unfortunately but yeah that makes sense but i think this really cool sketchup is a leading creator application made for ipad offering hundreds of handmade brushes a suite of innovative artistic tools advanced layer system and the lightning fast while cure graphics engine brokerage has everything you need to create expressive sketches rich paintings george's illustration and beautiful animations um so that's that really advanced app if you if you're an artist and you haven't heard about it definitely give it a try

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