PS REMOTE PLAY app how to use?

hello everyone so here is uh this trending app which is called ps remote play so if i just install it ps remote and then i just search for it so that's the app which allows you to to play playstation wherever you are okay seems there is some issue let's just reload the app store because yeah it seems it's a bit overloaded these days so here is the app i'm talking about peer mode yes you can see it's in the top charts in entertainment category and then you can just install it it's super tiny just 16 megabytes and it has like almost 10k ratings like average rating is not that high but still use ps remote play to access your ps5 or ps4 wherever you go usps remote play you can display the playstation 5 playstation 4 screen on your mobile device use the on-screen controller connect dual shock for wireless controller you need uh a mobile device with ios 13 or ipad ios 13 later installed ps5 or ps4 console um all of that so let's just open the app let's see how it works and then you just need to sign in to psn so like using your playstation account i think i had one so i can just do that okay so something is not correct so yeah uh yeah okay you know so there we have that unfortunately i can't sign in right now but hope you just got the idea that this app exists when i get help of my ps4 account i will create another video thank you for watching

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