Public Square app - PublicSq. - how to create account?

hey everyone so here is interesting app public square um community trust freedom so let's just install this app it's it's going up in the in the app store um so public square connects freedom line americans with local communities reliable information businesses that share your values uh so this app just has a marketplace decorated network of businesses that prioritize freedom share your values so basically uh like right now in social media there is a bit of a debate so some people consider twitter vary like left minion and there is not enough space for like people who is who are on more conservative or right side in the the political spectrum so there are a bunch of apps which try to fill this niche so yeah but of course you also need to use your own consideration and be quite critical to any information you see in any apps on the internet because yeah everyone just tries to get an audience here and okay let's just try to create an account and then you just need to create an account like that and then just enter your password okay so password sims is not working so it should have so there you have it so now your account is created so now you just have like a marketplace here overview uh each business in the market has been invited for quality and their values so here you will just see the the overview of the businesses which you might support so here you can just have like the font community and all of that so hope that is helpful

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