PublicSq. Public Square - app overview

so what is public square app let's just go through the overview what is that so it's growing in the charts in the social networking categories in the us app store and here you can see that you can just connect with like-minded people near you find businesses that share your values and access exclusive deals um [Music] so there you have it so i think this app is just basically more like conservative social media app like probably you heard that a bunch of influencers leaving twitter and some other major social media companies because they tend to be more like left-wing uh but yeah of course and some people just perhap uh yeah just prefer to have their own platforms uh where they claim they have more freedom and all of that so like public square is one of those there's all also apps like getter and some stuff like that here you have the feature which is called marketplace so that's something new so it's not also only like a social media like alternative twitter but also marketplace it's a created network of businesses that prioritize freedom and share your values and want to serve you uh so basically you can just find businesses which you share some values with and where you want to spend your money if you don't feel like you know spending money it's like some other types of business but you just know that these businesses share your values in this conservative field and you just want to show up there or like you know stuff like that and then there is a fountain feature which is basically like a social media element which is also like just like a network of articles and like kind of a twitter feed and there is a community so basically this is the app so yeah as you can see great start to a great platform in this category um yeah so let's just open it up uh so basically here is the app you can easily create an account just with your email and password so connect with your neighbors find events and get involved discover local and national businesses share your values the frontend and all of that so basically here is the marketplace so this is the selection of businesses you can select which country are you in it depends on the postcode where you register and then you can add your business you can recommend the business you can see like for example different types of businesses which have this descriptions gallery and all of that so yeah this is like you know if you if you're more like on the right side in your you know like political values so these are the businesses that kind of can support that and then yeah you can just you know if if you like you can just know which businesses are there of course every person has its own views but it's just you if you think that's the right thing to do you can try it out then there is fontaine which is basically like a [Music] social media element here you can see some like featured topics uh like you know and there are some topics just from your community from your local post code um so yeah then you can just explore that and then there is community element uh then you have all these groups uh you can join these groups get involved and this is like a facebook groups but in your community for people who share these kind of values and yeah then there is just your profile you have your account settings you can just add your profile picture cover image you can add your biography just name you probably you want to change your zip code if you're moving to other area or something like that and then always you can contact support also you can just tap to delete your account if you're not happy or you just want to remove your data or something like that so yeah this is the app uh yeah it's it's getting higher and higher in charts and it starts to appear in the app store so definitely you can just check it out in this video i'm just doing a quick preview to show you how it looks like what could be the features and all of that so as i said just before like the distinctive feature of this app is that it offers this marketplace so you can see specific businesses which support this kind of values so it's something new so uh you are not just talking with other individuals about issues your social media but you just know specific businesses who are supporting that and then yeah you can just shop at these businesses so i i don't know if there is like an app for more like democratic or liberal site where you can just see businesses who support like democrats or something like that uh but yeah probably this is one of the first apps who kind of has that that you can select specific companies who have like values uh in in that area so anyways just for your knowledge that this app exists and there you have it hope it was helpful

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