Puff Count - app overview & how to use?

here's the interesting app which you can try out puff count track usage and quid piping so it it can help you out to quit typing obviously and it's one of the top apps in this category which you can try out it's not this video is not like a medical advice I'm not a doctor so I'll just just explore at your own consideration proof count is a prone to workout that will help you to quit wiping join our hundred thousand users who use puff count and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle it has this feature swipe tracker track pass track nicotine intake gold tracking uh so super interesting feature plus and then the New Path is added then you can add in settings and you can set your daily path limit you can set strengths but to do that you will need to upgrade uh so yeah here is a a great option it's only 3.99 dollars per month three day free trial so it's actually not that expensive especially if you if you actually quit vaping that super cheap price um and with the upgraded option you can track your progress with no limits create your personalized quit plan customize your daily limits and goals enjoy an ad free app experience so you can do that then a quid plan is here but it's not loading because I'm not on a paid plan 1000 squid bodies so I can add a new bike

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