Purp app tutorial - how to use?

There is a new trending app called Porp that is quickly climbing the charts. In this article, we will provide a quick tutorial on how to use this app and its features.

Porp is an app that allows you to make new friends and find people to talk and Snapchat. Unlike dating apps, Porp focuses on fostering friendships and creating opportunities to hang out and chat with others. It is similar to another app called Viz.

To add friends on Porp, you simply swipe right on their profile, which sends them a friend request. Swiping left indicates that you are not interested in adding that person as a friend. If you want to boost your profile and increase visibility, you can request a boost for 700 gems. Rewind and viewing someone's profile also require gems.

Gems are a form of currency within the app and can be purchased if needed. There is also an option to upgrade to Power Plus, which provides advantages such as 1,000 free gems weekly, a premium badge, and the ability to swipe back for free. The pricing for Porp ranges from $15 per month to $22 for three months.

Logging in daily can earn you free gems, and there are options to connect your Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok accounts within the app. You can also edit your preferences, such as the gender and age range you are interested in meeting.

While Porp is relatively easy to use, there are a few glitches that have been reported. For example, once you block someone, it is currently not possible to unblock them. Additionally, if you remove a friend, they cannot be added back. The app's support feature is currently unavailable, possibly due to a high volume of requests.

It is important to note that Porp is still a work in progress and may have a few bugs. However, it is gaining traction among users in the United States and Latin America. It is currently only available on iOS and not yet on Android.

In conclusion, Porp offers a user-friendly interface for making new friends and engaging in conversations. While there are a few glitches, the app is steadily growing in popularity. It is up to individual users to determine the safety and legitimacy of the app, as there may be some bots present.

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