Purpo - break ice & date - how to create an account & app overview

let's discover this app which is called Purple break ice and date so it only has like 13 ratings uh but yeah it's uh it's grown in charts as you can see number 75 and social networking uh and yep um uh I'm still not sure like why is it surging so let's just discard together uh matched with someone only buy some looks but Adam having nothing in common not all pictures worth thousand words it's time to connect with someone who's more than just a profile pictures purple pronounced just like the color purple is a free dating app that helps you break ice quickly and meet new people so user Behavior Analysis and Icebreaker queries purple helps you start by their conversations with the perfect match um we made our dating app free so you can use x that extra cash to impression next date as breaker queries live chats free dating um yeah so yeah let's just and then I can just sign in with apple Snapchat Facebook or phone number usually I just proceed with uh with my Apple ID just because it's like super fast and then I I need to add my name then I can just add the birthday this can't be changed later so be careful you can add profile video uh you need to upload photo okay need more photos or whatever he and then you can just add some text as well queries then you can create these queries which you can ask other dates and then this is basically you can allow notifications and then uh yep then you uh so and then if you're interested in someone here as this like quizzes which you can select and then instead of like you know matching uh like swiping left or right what you have on on Tinder uh you just do this quiz and then you can see some random question and bye so yeah that's the app overview and then of course you can edit uh you can edit filters as we with any new app you can see that that unfortunately there aren't that many people if you are living if you are living not in some huge City like New York or something around it uh so yeah that's about it uh yeah you can also delete your account if you want there is like a profile video uh uh grocery Reward Center you can edit your profile and that's basically how it works there is Discord Community here in the top right uh so then you need to you can also invite friends here so that's basically how it works

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