Purposity app - full overview

here is interesting app which is called purposity live on purpose so with this app you can you can help people and communities in need uh it's hard to know the needs of real people in your community until now or imagine doing good from the ground up it should be fun fast easy transparent local and inspiring all rolled into one it should become a lifestyle for positive makes it simple here's how it works receive one weekly notification linking you to a local need from a verified school or non-profit be inspired by hand crafted stories from someone working directly with the individual in need meet the local need in less than a minute get the thank you message directly from those you impacted relieve the stories of those who helped they live on your wall as seen in forms in forbes so let's just open the app and this is like very cool app you know like to donate some money in in your local communities and it just simplifies how how it works you need to give access to your [Music] uh to your location you can use strong password and then you can just sign up here and then that's basically your account you can see all the charities you can see all the schools here where you want to donate and then [Music] you can just tap meet this need and then you can just easily donate with apple pay or pay with card and easily just check out so that's basically it then you have stories here then you have organizations if you want to search for organizations you can do that then you can have teams and then [Music] you see your account you see total needs math total dollar value you can see all the settings edit profile um you can give access to your photos and upload some photos here you can contact the you support have home there are some organizations here there are teams um so that's what you can do then there are stories there is home feed so yeah that's basically the idea uh i do not if there is no like uh some like geographical location where you can search by your postcode and discover all the communities you need in your postcode area so that's that but okay here you can set your local community finding it in your home feed click me just need to change someone's lives today so very interesting app very great purpose so go out and install it and if you feel like it and yeah feel free to leave any reviews below this video if you really use this app if you have any other questions and thank you for watching

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