push it! App Overview & how to create an account?

hello so in this quick overview let's install push it app which is going viral right now in the app store so just tap cat and it's like 20 megabytes uh so touch id or use your face id there are 2586 writing so you have to sit again and you can only text people to have them follow you but the thing is i have more of my friends on snap and stuff so i can't really get more followers it's okay so yeah let's try it out it works welcome to push push to enter tap next and then i just see my card from messages then i just need to allow notifications um and then i just need to claim my username no i want to claim so i'm just checking out here it's just redirecting me to instagram push it up um then i can just see friends you can give access to my contacts and then yeah so that's about it so i think it's still uh it's still not open yet so so far i can just can claim my username and by checking status i'm just redirected basically to their instagram and it's available in some states was like united states so it's opening in like caroliand so some countries and some states in united states so that's basically it and there are a lot of user names here so yeah that's what you can do basically um so that's just the first preview if you have better idea what this app is about just leave your comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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