push it is opening up in your area next! - push it app not available - WHAT TO DO?

so let me show you uh there is pushit app it's not available everywhere in the world and i think not just in some united states states maybe not in all the states and some other few countries if you're really eager to try it this is a viral app you can use this winscribe vpn um if it is free and it includes 10 gigabytes of data um if you yeah um yeah if you just give your email or something like that and then what you need to do you need to select us location it can be atlanta or some state which is uh which is in the push it instagram so if you go to the like instagram and then go to push it up they they say here uh so here it is and they say in which states they're available so they're also available in canada arizona texas illinois ohio all of that so in this app just select this kind of state or city and then yeah then you can open push it app um so yep then you can try to use it you can get followers you can get accounts you can follow someone and that can work so also he's using vpn you can just secure your traffic and yeah so that's what you can try to do

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