Queue - what to watch - what is it & app overview

so here's interesting app which is called q what to watch find something new and decide what to watch so maybe it's a common situation for you that you have netflix you have you know hbo max prime video apple plus and all of that but you know in every app you just open it up and you need to just like find exactly which movies you want to watch next and and all of that and it just takes so much time so here in this app i want to stress you can't watch them or the movies itself but you can just create a queue for you and this way you will just save so much time so here's for example when you create an account you can just add like netflix prime video also what is in theaters right now who hp or max disney plus peacock apple tv plus showtime discovery plus all of that so you can add all of that and then yeah i just want to add something to you i can just go and look what exactly this title is about and then um [Music] yeah like all the details and then you know that in your countries these are top 10 movies right now on netflix and here are top 10 on uh prime video and you know like okay like today i'm watching this on prime video tomorrow these are watching this on hulu and yeah like instead of you know logging to to all these accounts and constantly looking through the queue and don't knowing what you need to do yeah you just yeah just save time basically then you have spinner uh in case you don't want to watch anything you you can just select something like this then you have activity uh your activity and then obviously you have your queue and then you can just go through and figure out what what are you watching today or tomorrow so that's basically the idea and then also you have updates some posts or i don't know what people from you follow it's also kind of a bit of element of social networks so people are recommending some cool items to watch and to discover so yeah that's basically the idea hope this is helpful definitely give the app download app and give it a try

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