Quilt app - supportive audio chats - how to create an account?

so here's interesting app which is called quilt supportive audio chats so let's just install it and see what this app is about so let's just use touch id or face id to install we are here to inspire and lift you up join groups you're interested in uh connecting live conversations share and feel supported for upcoming conversations yeah so this interesting app as you can see it's climbing in charts it's kind of like clubhouse but focus just on motivation and support so if you need some healthy slow low and relationship topics or like mental health support or you know some just motivational um you know groups and communities this this is the app to try it out and it has like audio format because you know sometimes it just feels much better when there is an audio and you have a real lifetime audio chat instead of just reading blocks or seeing motivate motivational pictures on pinterest so interesting approach let's just try to create an account here it wants to send me notifications of course you can accept that but i'm just doing a demo so and then it's super easy to create your account just with apple because this app is on ios devices i don't know if there is a version for android so here is my full name you can add your profile picture so you can add your age range and there you have it um so you can select select at least three areas you want to grow and we'll make suggestions to guide you and then the values care collaboration contribution curiosity and there you have it so now you created an account and then you can see live quilts you can see who is here you can see recent jams so there you have it and then you can see the topics here like overwhelmed um [Music] everyone deserves to be heard breathing so this is the kind of communities you can join and just you know like kind of breeze together or her hear some supportive talk or something like that and as you can see these days like so many people are like really stressed there are so many issues everywhere and like stressful work life like all the pandemic and all of that so this kind of apps are really booming in top charts there are circles where you can have your communities as well you can explore all the different people users you can see the calendar so yeah interesting app and you can invite friends plot photo um so that's that's the idea um you can always delete your account if you're sensitive about your data and yeah so that's basically how you create an account

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