QUILT: Supportive Audio Chats - FULL APP OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE?

so in this video let's just go through the new interesting app which is called quilt i just stumbled upon it and seems it's a pretty cool idea so here is the app supportive audio chats and as you can see it's in climbing up in social networking categories um so there you have it i think this app is kind of like clubhouse for motivation or just like a niche clubhouse app focused entirely just on supporting you finding supportive groups focus on law and relationship mental health just like career personal growth and then you just can connect live with people in conversations you can share and feel supported you can follow each other you can see the calendar of upcoming conversations and stuff like that welcome to quilt a new kind of social wellness space to connect share and learn with others through daily conversations it's like being at a friend's home or backyard having open course conversations about anything and everything here you can come as you are there is no judgment no filters and you don't have to be an expert to share we believe that community is the greatest form of self-care we are ad-free because journaling and meditating alone can only do so much and that's for sure is true for so many people if you try you know just subscribe to calm or like headspace or any other meditation app it requires a lot of like self intent like you need to be really motivated and sometimes it's just easier to do in a supportive community and especially in an audio app because yeah a lot of these apps are like text by self journaling or you know you can also read some quotes on pinterest but it's just some for some people it's just easier to feel as an audio experience so yes it's kind of like social media calm app or something like that so it's really nice idea but this app is just started so there are a few bugs here and there's our few glitches it's there the community is not that big yet so definitely it's in the beta version yet like in early stages so it's a good time to check it out if you like or not this idea so here is your home screen basically you can see a lot of these stocks like a clubhouse rooms like some people here's the room about being overwhelmed like and just people describing their issues and you participate in these conversations and all of that everyone deserves to be heard like breathing so for example you can join this room and just breeze together with other people or you know all of that then there are popular gems which are our uh our heart in these rooms so you don't need to know someone learned to create an impact so there's some inspirational quotes or some situations from from these audio experiences i don't know how they are created and all of that but there you have it so yeah looks kind of a bit similar to clubhouse to be honest but there you have it then there are like the quilt values built is a community support and connection are our main ingredients we believe in feeling good here are our values and affirmations to guide you while quilting care collaboration contribution curiosity so that's that there is then calendar tab where you can see all the upcoming rooms and all the upcoming sessions likes here is guided meditation so you can favorite that you can see all the details join me start your sunday feeling grounded and centered you can add to calendar uh you can read more you can go to profile of this person you can follow uh you can see a lot of circles descriptions um so similar to to clubhouse and then you can see that sample of our profiles here actually start to have like 500 followers there are 967 quilts so the the community is really growing here it's not that huge there are not like thousands hundreds of thousands of followers and users here yet probably overall there are like hundreds of thousands of users but it's not like something like you know like clubhouse or like some might your podcasting app no it's it's still early here you can also schedule your own quilt you can add a description and like you know start to grow a following i think it's a good time to join this app and try to become a creator and try to tell the stories and yeah all of that um so then you can also uh host your own quilt so you can host it for everyone you can add just the title and select different topic so these are kind of topics which a lot of people try to focus on this app so it can be habits rituals self-exploration self-care parenthood fashion and style spiritual stuff just for fun [Music] then there are your circles so you can select which circle you want to join what you want to talk about and all of that then you can also explore you can follow some people here you can discover yeah some some other profiles you can invite people to your community you can find people you can share that and then there are different circles circles but is here circles are basically communities where you can connect with people around specific topic activity or interest you will see new circles pop up every few weeks find circles that's that inspire you below you can start the conversation once you join so here are different circles which are basically like communities um so you can join that circle and that's how easy it is so that's basically like a facebook group um there aren't that many yet but i'm not sure if you can create a circle for yourself so you can just host a quilt but i'm not sure if you can create a circle so to delete your account if you're concerned about privacy that's a lot of people asking for like just go to settings in top right and then tap delete an account and here you will just need to fill out some form so that's cool uh that's this option is available in the app because you know some people are yeah just concerned about their privacy and personal data that's complete completely okay you can always reach out to support if you have some issues or some feedback um so just do that you can edit your notifications you can pause your notifications similar as in clubhouse uh you can try to become a circle creator okay so that's basically how you can submit an interest form to to become a circle curator and express some interest in creating circles or communities so that's basically it you can add your instagram you can invite friends by uh syncing your contacts with quilt app so that's basically in a nutshell that's the app like a clubhouse for mental stories kind of app so interesting if it will grow i think it's a good niche just depends uh yeah the community is good and if there is a lot of spam or not that much spam and all of that as you can see so overall the ratings are pretty high here 4.8 out of 5. uh quilt has been and continues to be so many things for so many people for some it is their only way to connect with others in safeway during a global pandemic for others is the first time that i have felt truly seen and hurt when sharing their truth when you open it will you open your heart and hold space for others the conversations are as fun rich and dynamic at the beautiful humans that make up the quilt community you will laugh you will you might cry you will listen and share you will learn and you will grow there is no stage no performing or posturing you show up as yourself and are welcome simply for being uh what you do or who you are is respected your as you are enough so that's a really cool uh testament here lovely app i'm so grateful save space thank you obsessed with this platform so yeah a lot of really good reviews here so definitely worth a try so i would encourage you to sign up thank you for watching

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